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The TMEC Experience

As a business motivational speaker for 20+ years I ‘ve addressed client groups, big and small, at a variety of venues. In the “olden days” clients put very little imagination and creativity into their choice of meeting locations. Now, the wisest of clients/employers/associations, etc., are listening to their attendees’/staff’s requests and choosing more uplifting, unique and memorable meeting spaces, that offer a “feel” of the country, not too far from home. The blandness, and claustrophobic feel of along-the-highway, second-rate, dated hotel meeting rooms doesn’t cut it anymore (if clients truly want to engage their meeting attendees all day long). This is particularly why I’m excited and delighted about Paul and Carol Motts’ brilliant vision of creating an intimate, “ride-away-from-it-all” business retreat as a part of what this executive country estate has to offer. Armed with my two decades of experience keynoting at company off-sites, I’m convinced 758 Watson Road South, in Puslinch, Ontario, will keenly appeal to, and easily draw, corporate “types” by weekday, for their team and branch off-sites, and then celebrations of weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and the likes, on weekends. It’s perfect, and perfect is hard to find. And the bonus? These beautiful, expansive grounds, with themes of horses and riding all around (and the fabulous and unique extra of the full equestrian facility to boot!) will offer every corporate client a built-in, inspired theme for their day’s event. I just know companies will have great fun “riding” that horse theme to the finish line! As a keynote speaker, I can’t wait to have the opportunity to deliver presentations at this location.

Nina Spencer

Named One of Canada’s Leading Motivational Speakers by the National Post

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